Friday, June 19, 2009

Overdue Thanks...

Although I may still be in the struggle (only time will tell), I feel compelled to address the countless people who have made my diagnosis and chemo phases more tolerable. I feel much better these days. Each day my facial hair gets stiffer and my increasing head hair garners observance from many of you, "wow, look at your hair!" I look back at the last 6 months and try to determine where it went as I marked time between blood draws and lymphemo. I would not have faired as well without the positive energy that so many people sent my way. Hopefully my attempt at protecting everyone's privacy will not be construed as too informal.

First, I need to thank my family for being brave. I have a tendency to lace most circumstances with humor in order to take the edge off. The kids continued to excel academically and in their afterschool activities despite the gloom which made me feel better. Laurie proved once again that I had terrific foresight when we met in high school. She has been the best partner in this journey and I will never find enough words to express my gratitude and love for her; "in sickness and in health".

Early on, Gay stepped in and offered to organize meals for us; 3 days a week. This was the best strategy for everyone who wanted to help us. Laurie's brother, Dave, assisted with the calendar app and everyone below deserves my gratitude:

Betty Jo C. (for including the kids)

Deb C. and Family (for ad hoc shopping too)

Laura & Don F. and Family (for meals and sisterly concern)

Greg & Kristen and Family (for meals and brotherly concern)

Lynda & Bill C

Pam & Don W and Family

Myra & Tina

Sue C & Family (Sage's home away from home)

Connie & Jim O

Alexa C

Elaine M & Family

Lynn S

Katerine V

Special thanks to my parents who graced me every Weds with housework, laundry, great comfort food and good humor. I'm lucky to have such wonderful role models.

In January, we spoke to a cancer researcher who emphasized that I make sure to get a lot of calories and I took full advantage. I'm paying for it now as the lbs seem to come off slower than I packed them on but I'm working on this.

After I was diagnosed, we overhauled the house between Xmas and New Year's day with the help of my extended family. The wood floors have made a huge difference in our ability to keep the house tidier.

Dave M (for figuring out how to cut the curve)

David M (for visiting at the right time) & Oliver (for entertainment with pop tunes)

Lionel & Annie R and Family (for ongoing support)

Carla MG (for motherly support & C advice)

Laura F

Greg M

Jerry M

Jill W

Whitney & Todd

Ally Y & Dana C (Summer's friends)

I have also received gifts from friends and family including:

Schwinn Johnny G Spinner bike from Julie B.

Dreambook by Mark di Suvero - signed no less :)

New Yorker magazines from grandpa Carl G

Miracle Berries from Gabi H.

Several art books and catalogs from Heidi H.

The Four Agreements and an inspirational DVD from Kamila D

The Shack and The Secret from Elaine M

Several books(Sanibel Flats, Empires of Sand, A Dirty Job) from Connie O

and the continued comments from Friends and Family on this blog. It's entertaining to read your responses to my entries. Many thanks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#31 & 32

I took the week off and have spent some time reviewing message boards. Not sure if that was a great idea as most of the posters often have ongoing reoccurence. Although I feel fine and energy is coming back daily, I still fret.

Despite that, this week I celebrate my son's 12th birthday and prepare for my daughter's graduation party. The time off allowed me to add two more additions to my horse series...