Monday, November 14, 2011

The South

For those of you following my NHL Adventure, we buttoned up shop, sold most of our goods and the farm/business in Lowell, Mi and are now settling in near West Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida.
I'm currently on the hunt for a new Onc as I'm scheduled for another CT Scan in December which will mark year 3 since diagnosis. No troubles to report at all and my decidedly unoriginal LIVESTRONG band will continue to grace my wrist until I'm declared "clean."
Although there is some discussion about when/if NHL folks can indeed be "cured", my mental mark is 5 years from April '09. As the months roll on, I still wonder about the long-term affects of so much radiation with the ongoing scans. I allowed the allopathic method to handle the crisis and have taken a more osteopathic approach on my own which hopefully bolsters the treatment so that I may usher this hiccup into the history books. Yes. No treatment would be the best scenario.
Filling out the paperwork for the new onc has made me relive the parts of chemo process and to marvel at how difficult it is to remember dates and specifics.
This blog will continue to remind me of those things I am thankfully forgetting.
<< Grin>>