Thursday, July 23, 2009


thumbs_up Last weeks scan results are in and there are no changes from the April ‘09 scan. Although I still am experiencing little transitory ”sparks” of pain in my chest and abdomen, the computed axial tomography doesn’t lie. I’m still remitting.

I’m also back to being muscle sore thanks to the fine folks at East Hills Athletic Club. My Cancer WellFit class is a little slow for me as we are still reviewing the machines and their various settings. After class, I typically toss the iron around and then run/climb/row to nowhere until I’m breathless and sopped. Good times.

I’ll try to get some new paintings posted soon.


  1. 7 months ago today was the first chemo drip. My how time flies when you are having a good time!! I admire your approach to all that life has to offer you. I am inspired by the creative force that has continued to surge through you throughout this potentially crushing life event. All my love to you, Laur

  2. So glad to hear you are getting a chance to focus on other things, it is a great blessing! Love to you and the whole Family!


  3. Oh Happy Day!