Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Next Best Thing to NED

Laurie and I joked about this response from the Onc while reviewing how we would react to the PET results. What if he says, "The results are inconclusive". That's rich.
Although the radiologist indicated a very small uptake in one of my abdominal nodes, it is currently too small to biopsy and could be a false positive on the PET.
Overall, the sites of enlargement from my Spring scans have reduced in size which is a great sign.

So, where does this leave our hero?

They scheduled yet another CT scan for late August and we will go from there. The Onc said that he would have expected to see more site involvement if I was truly relapsed and that we just need to take a "wait and see" attitude for now.
I believe the kids call this, "dodging a bullet."


  1. Hear that? That rushing of air sound? That's me letting my breath out. Best news of the week. Appreciate your update and hope you all are celebrating the news.

  2. Living in Limbo I think is where the hero is. No one but cancer patients know what it means to live there. I have had several suspect ct scans which turned out to be nothing. Yours will be the same, but you still will live in the area that is Limbo. Even 5 years out it is hard to leave the land that is Limbo. A good sense of humor and great family will continue to help you. You are all in our thoughts.