Sunday, August 12, 2012

sad news

Although my stinking cancer remains at bay, I received a call a little over a week ago from my mother saying that she had admitted my father into the hospital with a swollen leg and shortness of breath. He has been complaining of fevers and sweats since January but he has always been hot blooded so this wasn't terribly shocking. The swollen leg in the last month was a problem, that could have been a blood clot, so all the tests were conducted. To make an agonizing, 7-day wait shorter for you, he has Large B Cell Follicular NH Lymphoma with a side of Burkitts Lymphoma. Unfortunately, they have found cancer in his spinal cord, bone marrow and the dialysate they drew off of his now non-functioning kidneys.
Another long story short, we brought him home to hospice last night and have started the process of ushering him away. Very sad.

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  1. WEll what a shock for you all,after you having successfully so far avoided getting worse, and then your poor dad goes down.. I do hope he will have enough time to feel a bit better, not withstanding that he is in a hospice.. I feel for you all despite only having just found your blog.. hugs from across the pond, Janzi