Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long Time...

I just looked at the date of the last post and realized that it has been some time since I posted an update. As mentioned, this one threw me for a loop. I expected to sail through like the others with a minor bit of discomfort but I hit all the off ramps. Queasiness, lethargy, tingling finger tips and toes, burning while eating or drinking, eyesight getting fuzzy, constipation, high blood pressure, etc. etc. - "She's breaking up, she's breaking up!"
I had blood work yesterday and my neutraphils were 240. That is the lowest since my first chemo back in December. When I visited LHCP for the blood draw yesterday, for the first time they had me wait in the infusion center for the results. I must say, I was very uncomfortable and started to get nauseous just being there. I have heard stories about this but every treatment seemed to go fine and I started to feel welcome in the my little cubicle for the day.
I need to pick up a LCD BP monitor. My parents loaned me an old school version and just trying to read the dial while releasing the air and listening for the heart beats increases my BP. I end up doing it 3-4 times just to get a reading.
After a brief discussion with a colleague, I decided to slowly move my blog to a recovery blog and record my "return to normal". This will give me an opportunity to list all the steps I'm taking to rewire my physiology after months of poisoning. Laurie and I were discussing this because I'm convinced that my body has accepted the wave of medications as the "new normal". I'd prefer the normal to be more in line with the "no cancer" normal I was accustomed to during the majority of my days.
For now, I'm hoping to avoid catching a virus or an infection while my blood levels get back into fighting shape.
Last note: As we were walking out of the infusion center, I remembered to ask for my 2 liters of barium sulfate required for next week's final CT scan. To my delight, the nurse entered a closet labeled, "Cleaning Supplies." She exited, handed me the two bottles and I smirked, "How apropos..." She laughed.

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  1. Paul, I love your links. The You-Tube clip in this post ends with a new beginning: "We can rebuild him; better...stronger...faster."

    And, by the way, YOU are priceless!