Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Met with the Onc this morning before Lymphemo #5 and all is well. We spoke about my weight gain and he said that it isn't a real issue but i will need to do some work after I get through all of this...there are a lot of folks at the infusion center today. We didn't get started until 11am so I suspect that we will outlast most of my fellow infusioners today. The Rituxiamab is flowing,

We are expecting warmer weather today(mid 60s) with lots of sunshine and I hate to miss that shot of vitamin D. I may haul the Flo-Gard 6201 out on the balcony just to say I did...

I have mentioned before that the benedryl makes me quite tired and during my semi-reverie, Liz came by to make some adjustments and suggested to Laurie that they cover me with a blanket. "He always turns yellow," I heard them say. Suddenly images of characters from the Simpson's started flooding into my head. Ah, chemo brain.

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