Wednesday, April 8, 2009

and Done

Apologies for the belated post. That last go round knocked me silly. I faded in and out most of the day and felt queasy the whole time. 20 minutes after the Aloxi was infused, things started to get much better and that was followed by a phone call from my long-time friend, Ronny Las Vegas. He always has a story from Sin City that brings on good cheer. My eldest daughter paid a visit to feel the entire LHCP experience. Unfortunately Liz was having a rough day so Barb took over the delivery of H and O today. Although I wasn't the last one out, I was intrigued throughout the day about a fellow traveler across the way who had been infusing a bag the size and color of a 2 liter bottle bottle of Coke. Turned out to be an Iron infusion so if you have ever spent any time in the U.P. and marveled at the tannin water in the rivers, that bag looked mighty close. We were out of there by 4:30 after giving Liz a hug as she was desperately trying to finish up her paperwork to go home and rest.

Felt queasy the rest of the day so I just layed around the house glad that the easy part is now over and the tough work of healing is starting again. Blood work in two weeks, final CT in 4 weeks. It is winding down folks.


  1. Great JOB!! That was a lot of hard work, now on to healing indeed! :)

  2. Paul, Thanks for this blog. Wishing you well and a wonderful winding down. Way down. And then back up with everything else in your remarkable life. tims

  3. Paul: We just caught up on your blog. Congrats on getting to this final stage. Hang in there. It gets better once the toxic crap finally is all out of you. We wish you and Laurie all the best. Let us know if we can do anything. Dave & Cindy Thompson

  4. Congrats Paul!!!!! You made it!! Let me know what is like on the other side! :)

  5. Paul, I'm so happy that the hard part is over, and though I'm sure there will be some tough days ahead, I'm believing that your Spring and Summer will be your best ones ever! Thinking of you, Laurie, and the kids. Kim & Chris

  6. Hey Paul! Unfortunately, my recent circumstances have kept me from feeling like getting on my computer, but finally today I just checked your blog and am so pleased to read about the progress you've been making. That chemo is such powerful stuff and I can only imagine how difficult some of your days have been. I hope the spring and summer will hold much easier days! Good luck with the leg cramps. You might ask your doctor what she/he thinks about using magnets to relieve them.

    Thanks to you and all your wonderful family for all the thoughts and prayers they sent my way this past couple of months. With all the concerns about you, you still had room in your hearts and thoughts to send support and love to me. I very much appreciate it. I hpe to see you all sometie soon.