Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final CT Scan

The final CT scan is scheduled for this afternoon at 1pm. I just finished choking down my first 430ml bottle of Barium Sulfate. The taste hasn't improved since my last CT and I look forward to my second bottle in the next few hours. While sitting at my desk, performing my Application Engineer responsibilities, I ran my hand over my peach fuzz and was quite surprised to see my finger tips covered with little hairs...here we go again.
On a brighter note, I've started to go on the offensive against post-traumatic stress by learning to meditate. My last class is tonight and I have taken a shine to meditation. In the mid-90s, my wife and I moved into a funky enclave of Grand Rapids called Eastown. We lived in a huge 1900's beauty and were pleased to find that our next door neighbor was the local TM training center. We quickly befriended and enjoyed the 3 couples who lived there during our 5 year tour but I never participated in the training. I mentioned in an earlier post that my Onc suggested that I check out the work of John Kabat-Zinn and his mind/body approach to disease so I decided to contact the national TM organization through their website. They gave me a local number and I left a voicemail. A woman returned the call and after chatting for a few minutes she shouted, "I know you, Paul!" Jim and Kathy were one of the couples that lived in the house next door to us and I've had a great time catching up with them and how the other two couples are doing. I look forward to continuing meditation as part of my healing process. Here's hoping that this will lower my blood pressure, reduce my stress level and assist me on my road to recovery.
Stay tuned as I get involved in "Cancer Fit," a local post-chemo fitness program.


  1. Glued to the screen awaiting the CT results, as usual all our love and prayers. Mom and Dad

  2. WONDERFUL ! Let me know when you're ready for a HIKE....well, or a walk, who cares....it's all good !