Saturday, February 21, 2009

CT Scan Midway

Again, I should apologize for my withering blog activity. Certainly it is not a sign that I am headed downhill. Quite the opposite, as I feel much better headed into the third week. I arrived on Tuesday for the CT Scan that will show my treatment progress. This is routine now. Choke down a liter of barium sulfate. The first half liter I tried to flavor with some instant tea flavoring we had in the house, Tangerine whatnot, to reference the ‘08 election, “lipstick on a pig.” There is a business opportunity for someone to improve the flavor of this barium sulfate drink and to coat prednisone pills with something. I finished the final swallows as we drove to LHCP. As always, very little wait time, and I climb aboard the rolling plank. After you are under the sheet, they ask you to slide down your pants. At least she asked me to…hmmm. I’ll have to ask if that is protocol. The technician and I discuss whether or not to infuse the contrast through my port or through the traditional inner arm bruise method. A qualified nurse will need to be called in if I want to use the port and we cannot leave the line in for my blood work upstairs so I opt for expedition and choose inner right arm bruising. She did not disappoint as a quarter size bruise popped up almost immediately. Nice.

125 ml of metallic tasting, body warming sensation later, I was holding my breath at the direction of the robotic voice and sliding back and forth through the doughnut hole on the flannel sheeted plank.  10 minutes tops.

We head upstairs to the infusion center and yet another blood draw. In no time, Liz heads out to say hello and everything looks great. The neutro count is 1.24, on the low side but remember, after Lymphemo #1 I was down to .15. We will see her in a week for Lymphemo #4 and to discuss my progress.

Oh, one more thing, I’ve lost most of the hair inside my nose so my nagging allergic drip has taken a surprising turn. With no speed bumps along the way, every quick flip of the head can produce a lawn sprinkler like response. Eh, maybe TMI.

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