Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lymphemo #4 A

Spoke with the Onc this morning and he is pleased with my progress. As he mentioned in the vmail, everything is shrinking as expected. My occasional cough is most likely allergy related and not lymph node related. We discussed the ongoing frequency of appointments following the last treatment (#6) and other minutiae.

I will have a final CT scan 3 weeks after the last treatment to make sure everything is reduced to the point that we are all comfortable. I may not receive a PET scan. We have to play that by ear. I will have appointments every 3 months for roughly 2 years. The frequency will change to every 6 mos until year 5 p.c. (post-chemo). We then go into yearly visit mode. If I can get through 2 years, prognosis is good, if I can get through year 5, chances are, if I get cancer again, it will be another site or flavor.

One thing we discussed was my displeasure at not being allowed to give blood. I also mentioned donating organs. His responded with a slight grin, “that wouldn’t be a good idea.” So I regretfully scratched off the little heart sticker on my driver’s license.

We forgot the Prednisone (P) script again so my Dad graciously drove to the pharmacy and brought it to me just before my treatment. “Have a good infusion,” he said as we parted. Rituxan is flowing at 50 ml/hr with 7 ml to go before they up the flow. The entire bag is 250 ml. R is the juice that caused me to react allergically so they step the rate of flow to give my body time to adjust.

Very crowded in at LHCP today. They are keeping Liz hopping.

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