Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lymphemo #3 B

Happy to say that the treatment went off without a hitch. I’m feeling a little worn out after this one. Liz brought over the bloodwork and some of the numbers have changed quite a bit particularly my neutrophils. They are over my pre-chemo baseline so that means my body is bouncing back quickly. Good sign. My glucose levels were a little high(200) so i am going to fast before the next chemo to determine my true glucose level. This treatment went a little quicker than any others because the Rituxan flow was increased and that doesn’t seem to have added any adverse effects to my well being. We did do RCHOP as opposed to RHOCP.

Lymphemo #3 is in the books. Halfway through this mess and only looking forward.


  1. Wow, you continue to amaze us, Paul. Go home and take a nice nap--you sure deserve it!


  2. Hi Paul, Keep up the good work! I've been following your blog and am so happy you are half way home! Gernie, Steve and I are keeping our positive thoughts flowing. Love, Jill

  3. Yo P,
    I am planning on picking up the bike with Laurie tomorrow. Enjoy Forest Gump Style.
    Our Thoughts and Prayers to you and yours

  4. Hey Paul,
    Glad to hear things are going so well for you too!Stay strong!

  5. Paul,

    Halfway done! That is awesome. After this you will know you have the ability to overcome any obstacle. You continue in my thoughts and prayers