Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lymphemo #3 A

Here’s the process we follow on Lymphemo day:

Blood draw – They perform a blood draw and run it through the lab to make sure that I am not too depleted to receive the hard stuff. The draw can done through my port but I was told this morning that if you have it done in the lab either with a finger poke or an arm jab, the results are available sooner. Now this is amusing because they typically get your labs back in minutes but the infusion center nurses are required to perform the port draw and they are typically very busy. This morning it was easy because there are few customers in this early. Liz did the deed.

Meet the Onc – A nurse records your temperature, weight and blood pressure (My BP always runs a little high…maybe I’ll be blogging about that after all of this. Sheesh.) Onc meets with us to discuss where we stand and he does the once over checking for lymph node enlargement. We discuss my chest pain concerns (normal), my occipital lump (didn’t concern him because we lack a baseline…could just be a cyst but we will wait and see), my high calorie intake (don’t do that, “getting fat isn’t healthy either”), should I expect changes in my reaction to the chemo (“no, you may see a little more fatigue”), massage (“no it won’t move the chemo around. Do anything that relieves stress”), etc. Now i say “etc” because we peppered the guy with questions until he finally stood up to leave. “Look, you are doing fine. Relax, it’s just NHL.” He didn’t say that but we were joking about how relentless we were with the questions and he seemed to tire quickly of the inquisition. We scheduled a CT scan for two weeks from today to check progress.

Carve out space in the infusion center – We found a new spot in the back and set up house. Hooked up the Flo-Gard 6201 and started the inebriants flowing. Today we are going without one of the steroids to see how I react to R. So far, no problems but the Benadryl consistently knocks me out for about an hour.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Glad to see your post--I check early and often! Tim and I are in your corner: actually my spirit is right in the room with you and Laurie as you read this.


  2. Well, that sounds a little creepy, but you get the drift...
    Deb again

  3. As you know, I finally took my painting home with me last night : ) Right now it sits on the mantle on our fireplace (if you happen to drive by my house when you take sage to soccer, you will be able to see it in the front window)

    It actually matches my room perfectly, thank you again, I absolutely love it!

  4. Hi, Paul...really enjoyed the painting for Whitney..you are so talented. I didn't know you painted all those horse paintings in your house until I commented on them to Laura one day and she told me you did them...WOW! Maybe you could look at this a teeny bit like an opportunity to get back into painting...the world can never have too many horse pictures!
    Thinking of you often...let us know if we can help at all with Sage.
    Sue and family