Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blood Draw Tuesday

Paid another visit to the LHCP for pre-bloodwork before Lymphemo #5. My hemoglobin has dropped a couple of tenths each week and even though it is low, I'm still above the blood booster or medication stage so Liz is pleased with my numbers. I expect this will hold up through next week so we are good to go. Liz also mentioned that I may see some fatigue start to set in over the next few weeks and not to be alarmed. After walking around the ever struggling Centerpointe mall with Sage this weekend looking for a just the right birthday gift, her insight now makes sense. I was sweating bullets and rapidly losing color.

My college roommate was in town to get a photo of a horse bridle for a stereoscopic art project and we had some belly laughs over cancer, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Commiserating with an old friend and revisiting youthful indiscretions, if done correctly, is one of life's great pleasures.

A longtime family friend was suddenly stricken with a terrible infection this weekend and has been on life support. We paid a visit on the way home from my blood draw and she was finally coming out of the fog. They were anticipating her removal from the ventilator today and she is hopefully on the mend. It seems that every other post involves a story that makes my cancer journey seem mild. As I mentioned early on in this blog, cancer is a sloth. It gives you time to plan your defensive tactics so when friends suddenly fall ill or are involved in accidents, slow burning lymphoma is certainly a highly reflective hurdle. If your spidey sense tingles a little when sending me all your positivity, just know that over the next several days I am working hard to divert your thoughts and prayers her way.

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  1. Continue to follow your progress online. Oddly, it is usually invigorating, light reading that makes me feel good. Keep at it.
    By the way, saw your eldest daughter in Seussical this weekend, what a talent!