Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just thought I would drop a quick note to say that it seems as if my body has started bouncing back from the months of poisoning. Although I still get a little winded, I have peach fuzz blooming on my melon, my intestinal motility is coming back around and my energy levels are returning. There may be some poetic parallel with Spring's arrival so now that I have voiced the sentiment, I shall claim it.

I'm looking forward to a good third week in anticipation of my last treatment. As with most milestones in my life, I tend to avoid any fanfare because I have other milestones to reach before I can be confident that this little lymphoma hurdle is history. I may draw a bold line on the calendar when they remove my port. That just might be the proper time to say, "good riddance, you tester of will, you disruptor of plans, you sweller of body, you mortality questioner, good riddance"


  1. Paul, I love reading your updates, Sue Wallace and I have been reading them every week. I am so glad that you are feeling somewhat better, and as you said Spring will do that!! Keep up the high spirits!!

    Love to all your family

    Paula Reiley

  2. Sue says it took her 6 months to get peach fuzz! She says it is impressive!! Maybe it is your manly hormones.