Friday, February 13, 2009

So strange...

My blog output has dwindled as I am getting into the chemo groove and battling my persnickety bowels. I have held off going into a lot of details in this regard to avoid the cheap laughs. Let's just say that this is turning into an ongoing chemistry experiment that I would be willing to spend time perfecting 30-40 years from now. You know that you have crossed into a strange place when you shush your family during laxative-related pharmaceutical commercials in order to hear all the features and benefits of a new drug while taking mental notes about the side effects like temporary blindness or frequent nosebleeds. I am willing to consider most possible side effects no matter how dire.

Slowly recovering from a slight chest cold that settled in last weekend. In times like these, any pain or cough starts the "what if" machine but over the last two days, conditions have improved. This week I received sad news that a longtime family friend had cancer return after 6 years in remission. I haven't heard all of the details about her next steps but she is a pragmatic fighter of whom I have a lot of respect. She called me after my diagnosis to provide wisdom about the chemo process and the insights were just what I needed to hear.

Looking forward to my CT scan on Tuesday but the comparative results will not be available until right before Lymphemo #4 commences a week later.

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  1. yes the constipation is a bitch. nothing like asking yourself which is worse-self removal of an impaction or a doctor in the ER.

    words of wisdom-standing up while working on an impaction makes it easier (sorry if too much detail).