Friday, February 6, 2009


Didn't think it was possible but I took high calorie intake advice to heart and have actually gained 6lbs. I'm not happy about this but the Onc shrugged it off. The pros keep telling me not to go on a fitness regiment or restricted diet because weight loss raises eyebrows in oncological circles. Last week, we received a surprise offer from Julie B.; a spinning bike. I've never participated in a spin class because they were a tad intimidating. Dark rooms, loud music, shouting, profuse sweating...I'm quite introverted when it comes to exercise. Laur and my brother Greg made a trip to pick up the stationary vehicle. The Schwinn Johnny G Spinner is now taking up a 24 x 48in space behind my desk challenging me with it's low-tech heft. No fancy dials or readouts, no brakes, just an uncomfortable seat atop tube steel with toe-clipped pedals, racing handlebars and a heavy flywheel. I've perused stories online of sessions that induce fainting and vomiting on these bikes but staving off those effects from chemo only to induce them through exercise seems silly.

My first 15min session was just enough to get my heart pounding and I'll work my way up from there. Looking out into the frozen pastures while pumping along on the bike seems fitting. I'll see how far I can go without actually going anywhere.

As with the other treatments, my first few days are filled with intestinal shock and a witches brew of laxatives, tums, anti-nausea meds (just in case), prunes, tons of water and chemo brain. Feels better with lots of little meals which accounts for the weight gain which leads to spinning.


  1. Sounds like your spinning is off and running. Good that the bike is under your nose as a gentle reminder. Linda called today to say you have inspired Dina to get back on the blood donation wagon. She is still breast feeding Nathan so you have pushed her to ask if you can donate while lactating. We A-'s have to be busy saving the world. They send prayers and the usual good vibes your way. Love Mom and Dad

  2. You are a frickin inspiration! Write a book.

  3. Dear "Proud Mary..aka Mr 'Spinnin' Wheels"

    Proud says it all. And grateful too am I that you have the time, energy, and willingness to give it a "whirl". Keep on truckin' buddy....keep on truckin.

  4. Hey Paul! Steve would be proud of you!!!! Keep up the spinning.You're amazing! Hugs and Love.