Monday, February 2, 2009

3rd Week Observations

Lymphemo #3 is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to the midway point of my treatment. The past week has been uneventful and I'm feeling great. I've been relatively successful dodging sniffles and runny noses. If I hear anyone cough or sniff, I spy the offender and turn heel toward the opposite direction. I have found that the 3rd weekend has been filled with an unusual feeling of exhaustion. This may also be a byproduct of no power naps during the week. I have been feeling so well that the evenings have been too busy for a nap.

My eldest daughter turned 18 on Saturday and we arranged a little surprise courtesy of her fellow thespians and friends. She felt a little duped that all the planning was happening under her nose but that's why we call them white lies. She was thoroughly surprised.

The last nagging thought I have involves a lump on my right-side occipital lobe. Although I have been unsuccessful in locating a lymph node diagram that illustrates a lymph node here, I wonder if this is related. Since this area has been covered by my ofttimes long hair for years, it may be a just a benign lump that a phrenologist may tell me indicates a "long life." I plan to ask the Onc if it is significant.

Who knows what lurks in the infusion center tomorrow? Look for the play by play.


  1. Hey Mr. thinking of you and praying all is going well. We'll check later to see if your sharing your day while it's happpening. Annette Liles called yesterday to check on you. She sends you and Laurie her prayers and love. virtual hugs and kisses. M and D

  2. I can not believe Sierra is 18!! She was just a youngster playing in the hay bales at the Levin's when I met her. How time flies;


    If I spelled your name wrong I am sorry, you would think that after knowing your mom for 12 years I would know these things.

    Love to all!

    Paula Reiley

  3. Paul - This is John Stuit. I heard the news from Annie. Sorry to hear you're having to go thru this. Based on your blog - sounds like you have a great attitude. That's a big part of the battle. I wish you the best on this journey and will keep you in my thoughts. Scary to think you have an 18 yr old. And hard to imagine you with long hair. Feel free to send me an email if you want to touch base - Keep up the good attitude. Stay focused. You'll be better soon!