Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blood status

When I have contacted people lately and they say, “How’s it going?,” it seems easier to say, “OK” as opposed to “Well, in December I found out I have blood cancer”. This is just too dramatic for me because if I were in their shoes, it would ruin my day. Period. It feels less dramatic to say “…i have Lymphoma” hoping that the inquisitor doesn’t know exactly what that is and more exchange can happen before I ruin their day. Speaking of a ruined day, I have been donating blood regularly for years with my obscure A- blood type and was closing in on the 5 gallon mark only to discover I may not be able to donate again. I need to dig deeper about this because they consider the 5 year mark after chemo with no reoccurrence a “cure”. I didn’t think this would preclude me from anonymously helping my fellow A- humans but I’m really bummed out.

Donate blood. It’s easy, doesn’t take enormous commitment and is a free method to spread the Hope. Someone has to fill my void!

Paid yet another visit to LHCP this morning to check out the status of my cancerous blood. Levels are better than the draw on 1/6


B4 Chemo

2 wks > #1


2 wks > #2






I will keep you posted on the numbers but , as a reminder, this is the number that indicates my infection fighting ability. Theoretically, it should start climbing back up before Lymphemo #3 next week but I continue to “coat sleeve” my hands when touching anything in public. The family continues to complain about finding fine little hairs in their food but I still have eyebrows, lashes and enough arm hair that I fit into the fairly ubiquitous, “bald guy” look. I may not experience the full Judge Holden (McCarthy’s Blood Meridian1) effect.

Last thought: Please divert some of your positive energy to Bob G. who is recovering from extensive shoulder surgery following an epic, wipe-out at the local ski hill.

1hey kids, you don’t need the Saw movies with books like this around, trust me  


  1. On a lighter note --

    I seriously don't know how we've come to this -- for the love... jesus man.. Don't tell me I didn't warn you...don't watch it -- don't don't do it.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5im0Ssyyus


  2. Hey, Paul!

    I just love reading your blogs. You're so inspiring and you seem to have to much hope and optimism. That, and the whole medical aspect of it is beyond exciting. (p.s.- I just put my application in to the nursing school a week ago!!) Anyway, I sure do miss our late night chats at the barn. I hope to be able to see you again soon. I also hope you continue to fight this battle with the same strength you have already been fighting it with.

    Thanks for the shout out about my Dad. He's being weaned off of the pain meds and is now able to sleep in his own bed at night!

    Again, it's so inspiring to read your blogs. Keep up the great mind-set. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

    Your friend,
    Kelly G. :-)