Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Whit…

We have a horse farm at our humble abode where Laurie operates her dressage training facility, Timberlane Farm. Typically, activity slows down in January and February to give the horses some rest and the past few weeks have been brutally cold which also takes some fun out of riding for both parties involved. The natural break, as well as my unexpected change of condition, has given Laurie time to “get organized”. This organization could not be possible without the continued assistance of Whitney P. The adage, “When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” seems to be true at Timberlane Farm so anyone who can help make momma’s life easier is welcomed and appreciated.

Having said that, my newfound shut-in status has given me more time to consider painting; something I have not made time to do. I approach painting in marathon sessions where paintings are completed in huge blocks of time often into the wee hours as opposed to a disciplined series of sessions. I came across an image of Picasso’s Le Reve (The Dream) and really wanted a copy for our bathroom so I cranked out a copy to get the ideas flowing. This is the $50M painting that Steve Wynn put his elbow through and had to cancel the deal to sell it for $139M. Although I’m a geek for contemporary sculpture and work by “minimal” artists, I started a project several years ago to produce 100 horse paintings in order to better understand the aesthetic side of my wife’s passion. I’ve never sold any of the work aside from some greeting card reproductions that we produced as gifts in 2007. Laurie asked me to produce one for Whitney as thanks for all the work she has done to help get Laurie organized.

To Whit #30

So that is, “To Whit #30” and Whitney doesn’t even know yet.

On the health front, still steady. I have been noticing more stray hairs on my desk, around the bathroom sink, etc…although I have heard that many people lose their hair in quick clumps, mine seems to be clinging on. Everywhere the hair gets rubbed by clothing, there are large bare spots. I’ll keep you updated as the shedding continues. Secondly, the cough seems to be hanging around. Not as debilitating as before the diagnosis but a persistent cough none the less. Coughing makes me anxious to get through the next Lymphemo on Feb 3rd in order to a get “progress report” CT and a full work up by the Onc.


  1. GREAT, GREAT picture!!! In your "shut in" status you should consider painting more--and for sale--I think many would be interested. Gay

  2. Great work. Beautiful colors. However, somewhere in a Hollywood Animal Retirement Community, I have a feeling one of the 4 legged retirees is saying..... "Buuttt Willlber, Why Doesn't the Fine Gentlemen paint one of me?"


  3. What a beautiful gesture - and what a beautiful painting! Whitney and Laurie have always been such "kindred spirits", not only in their shared passion of horses, but in their hearts. She loves you all very much and loves doing whatever she can for you guys. You all remain in our prayers for continued strengh and peace for each family member, and for your speedy recovery.
    Linda P (Whit's mom)

  4. I am really very moved by this unexpected surprise. I absolutely love the painting! My first work of art named after me.....I feel like Mona Lisa : )

    I have always loved all of your work, and now to be able to have one of my own is a great gift, my own Paul Moore original.

  5. Great work Paul. Nice that you are painting again it's a "healing thing". Love, Mom

  6. Paul you are such an incredible talent. Your writings here on the blog are heartfelt and clever. I love checking in to see how you are, and read your latest post. You are in my prayers every day!

    With lots of love,

  7. Hi again, Paul!

    I'm so glad to read that you're back painting again! There is a bit of a gift to this whole thing, I guess. Love the painting you did for Whitney. A most thoughtful idea.

    Sorry I haven't been to around to help in any way. I'm still stuck here in Vermont healing a broken bone from a freaky ski accident.Hope to get back to Michigan soon. I send love and good healing energy, as always!