Friday, January 16, 2009

Not too bad

This go round has been uneventful although I thought I was running a fever this morning; the baby thermometer says otherwise. Although I am not diligent about the Compazine, I do have some bouts of queasiness that I seem to be able to will away. I have been able to keep a respectable level of energy as long as I perform a power nap after an early dinner. I’m really into grazing these days. By following fellow Lymphomaniacs who suggest that you eat 6 small meals daily, I seem to be on a manageable routine.

Kudos have to be passed to everyone working with Gay Sykes on the meal deal (see link at right). Gay has organized many friends and family to prepare meals twice a week. This takes so much off our mental plate and there are always leftovers on which I can graze. My parents have also made time to visit every Wednesday to cook and clean which is even more heroic given the fact that they are supposed to be in Sarasota, Florida basking in sunshine and collecting shark’s teeth. It’s comforting to have family so close and concerned friends checking in.


  1. Hey Paul,

    It sounds like you are doing pretty well today, and your spirits are good. Great job chronicalling your defeat of this thing. You are in our thoughts.

    Keep the faith.
    -Chris & Aimee Nuwer

  2. Okay, one of those "concerned friends checking in", here!

    So happy to hear that you are weathering the second bout, Paul. We are all pulling for you and you amaze us every day.

    Love your blog! I believe that what you are writing is not only therapeutic for its author, but also for your fan club, and ultimately, for others finding themselves in the same sort of battle.

    Thanks for this gift.

    Debbie (Tim and Darcie, too.)