Monday, January 12, 2009

Perfectly Unperfect

Haven't had much to report. My journey is becoming stranger now that some level of normality has set in. I've received some new chapeaux; most notably, a fine Reggae number from Larsen complete with braids and beads. Pix soon.

Sunday started off with a bang as my arm hair started coming out. Not as drastic as my melon but the reality of having less hair than my 11 yr old son is amusing. The other byproduct of hair loss is that my facial hair has adopted a snail's pace. In 7th grade, I started shaving my peach fuzz hoping that I would soon have the full scratchy face my father possessed. I knew it would only be a matter of time but I just needed to shave. The outer reaches of my eyebrows grew close enough to my hairline that I was compelled to shave a little space in order to play down my simianess. Today, my Thursday shave has kept my whiskers at an acceptable length. After 30 years of facial hair decisions, through disposable, single, dual, triple, quadruple blades, I may be blessed with several months hiatus and that brings joy.

Lymphemo #2 tomorrow. Expect a flurry of reports.


  1. Must have slipped my mind the other day at dinner to say that in recent months I have joined a contemporary Gospel Choir. Rehearsals each Thursday are dedicated in prayer to friends, family, strangers, etc. While there was prayer for a "friend in Michigan", i PROMSE there was no mention of any "arm hair situation", so don't look at me! And on a completely seperate note, if you have the chance to download some music, check out the duet by Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett, in particular, have a listen to Stevie, especially in the last 30 seconds of the song "For Once In My Life"..... if his "rift" is not divine, I don't know what is....Enjoy my friend, enjoy !

  2. O.k., so I just figured out how to post a comment on your blog, Paul! Thinking of you today and hoping that the chemo treatment is going well... or at least uneventfully!