Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chemo Afterglow

Lymphemo #2 is history. When the drug bags are empty, the Baxter Flo-Gard 6200 complains with an annoying beep every 7 seconds to alert the flight attendants that I need a change. Several minutes go by each time this occurs which adds many minutes to the overall time the treatment takes. I'm not complaining because Liz and Barb tell it like it is and I would have it no other way.

Second point: Chemo is an inexact science. We uncovered some funkiness today in the anti-nausea meds. Make sure to be very curious with your attendants because, like ER, they have more street smarts than the Oncs when it comes to pre-flight medication therefore they have enough latitude when it comes to adjusting your drug regiment.

3:55pm - So another long day ends in the LHCP chemo room and once again we seem to have outlasted all my fellow passengers. The room is quiet which brings me to my final point.

Final point: Chemo and television don't mix. Each of the stations have their own HDTV and remote. Many passengers come in and immediately turn on their "stories" or some reality show where hoes be screaming and beatin' down hoes...it's just not conducive to your mental state. Now I'm no TV snob, I don't claim to only watch PBS and I watch my fair share of TV at home but in this environment, not cool. I suspect they might be saying, "Look at that workaholic. Can't he just leave his laptop at home?"

Final final point: Kidneys are processing as expected. The Red Devil has started it's exit and combined with my daily multi-vitamin, that is high in B complex, has managed to prove the color wheel theory by producing a nice, popsicle orange hue, a detail only a painter could appreciate.


  1. Hey Timberlane, I'm an aquaintance of Laurie's with the ADA, and a breast cancer survivor. Love your blog, hang in there! Tarlo Farm

  2. KilRoy who. Great shot! Mom