Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lymphemo #2

So far so good. Met with the Onc this morning and he is pleased to hear that I'm feeling well. He took some notes on his Tablet PC, groped me and then gave me the all clear to begin treatment. They did the blood draw after we met with him which isn't the proper sequence but we are early in the cycles. My chemo nurse, Liz, met us in the hallway with a mask on. She said hello and immediately I could tell she was in the throws of a major cold. She doesn't feel right about potentially exposing me and all of my fellow immune-deprived passengers to her germs but she is bucking up and delivering the cornmash. She drew blood from my port and we patiently awaited the results.

Blood analysis came back with decent counts so I am good to go.

10:45am and still getting Benadryl, Steroids and Saline on board before R (see previous) begins. If you recall, this was the med to which I reacted the first go round.

10:55am R begins very slow. Now waiting for the other shoe to drop...is it a boot or a moccasin?

Had a pic but forgot my camera's interface cable. Will post some images later to set the ambiance.

Last note for this entry. Saw "Gran Torino" on Sunday afternoon and I can't recommend it enough. Eastwood is a force in these types of roles. After you get over the uncomfortable racism, the film is a charmer with some bursts of laughter. The Detroit setting also brings the subject matter to the forefront in proximity and economic relevance. Stick around for the credits to roll as Eastwood was nominated for the song. he croaks out the first verse but Jamie Cullum brings it home.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the update. I am with you and Laurie today, heart and soul!!! I hope and pray that all has been "trickling down" just fine in the two hours since your last post.

    BTW, please tell Laurie that I can't text her until tonight, due to phone issues. And that I love her!


  2. Watching your blog. Praying and sending positive vibes in your direction. So extra nice of you to call Dad this AM for his birthday but then you are just you and always a gift. Love, Your Devoted Parents

  3. Hi Paul,
    We have been praying today would go smoothly with "Mr R". Glad to hear every thing is going as planned so far. Hope you may be able to pop in tonight. Mom and Dad are coming over around 5.

  4. Howz about a soft cashmere sock instead of a boot or moccasin.
    Your Verizon-like support network is behind you all the way today and everyday.

    2 down baby.

    When are we gonna make the movie? You've already got a solid start on the screenplay;)