Tuesday, December 23, 2008

C is for Cytoxan

I have been on the C drip for about 30 mins. They decided to move this slowly due to my reaction to R. This will be the one to cause nausea but so far I'm feeling a little sweaty, otherwise not a big deal. The IV pump actually has a little 4/4 beat that I just started listening to, complete with a little hi-hat sound. Laurie and I just finished looking through some pictures we rushed to take on Sunday afternoon, to capture my locks just in case. Laurie's sister, AnnieR, always captures the best shots.

I have been able to look out the window and all day the windows have been an enormous snowglobe.

My world feels a little shaken.


  1. This picture is beautiful!!

  2. Grandpa Dave says....

    What a great picture! Congrats to you all and Annie. I've already sent it around to some of my friends. And your comments and descriptions, Paul, are novel-like.