Thursday, December 18, 2008


Early appointment 8am with the thor surgeon. He comes into the room, "So, how are you feeling today"? Paul answers, "Actually, I feel great coughing a lot less than last week and my energy is back" Doc says, "Well, I don't know why that would be..." Gulp. Heart sinks. "You have B Cell Lymphoma".
They scheduled an appointment right away with an Onc in our new Cancer Center and I was able to see him after a couple of hours. "Large B Cell Lymphoma".
He described the treatment, Chemo, and some possible side-effects. He also wanted another blood draw and a bone marrow biopsy. I have seen enough House and ER to know that this is not a painless procedure. He numbs me up and makes a small incision on my lower back behind my hip bone. My wife moves to the front of me as I grit my teeth and begin sweating as he starts cranking on some tool to get through my hip bone. Hurt like hell. Apparently I am at prime bone density age which makes it difficult to get into the bone.
Next, met with the chemo nurses who reviewed all the side-effects and gave us a quick tour of the chemo zone. I receive my port on Monday and treatment starts Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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