Tuesday, December 23, 2008

H is for Adriamycin (i know) and O is for Oncovin

Just finished three syringe fulls of the "Red Devil" (Adriamycin)...looks like red Kool-Aid and apparently I'll be seeing this later. This was followed by a small syringe of Oncovin. Feeling fine with a couple of new scripts, Zofran and a topical numbing cream for the skin above the port.
No, I won't be selling any leftovers and you can stop asking about the medical weed (I will resist naming names). Although I voted enthusiastically this Fall to pass the bill, I won't be exploring that avenue anytime soon. Keeping an open mind though...
We are done with the first round. Despite the hiccup with R, the day just floated by and I'm ready to continue the battle at home while celebrating Xmas with the family.
5 to go. Whew.


  1. Hi Paul, typing on iphone from jills, so this will b short. Just catching up on ur sit. Thru your blog. I guess I have it easy!, but can relate to the mental shock of hearing the c word. Fortunately mine is early and slow, so I have some time to weigh options. We are all thinking about you and were sending good karma your way. Maybe c u soon. Love uncle jer

  2. Paul and family,
    Our hearts are with you today. Thank you Paul,
    for sharing your journey with us. It is such a gift for us to know how you are doing and to hear from your heart. Wishing you all a very special Christmas, for you to feel well and to be surrounded by those you love.
    Love to you all, Elaine, Kate and Bob

  3. Always an Eagle Scout you will be, my friend. May God bless and shine upon you and your family.

    Alan Supp

  4. Hey Paul,

    I am glad to see that everything is going well for you so far and wish you the best of luck in your battle! It will be nice to have someone to compare notes with! Merry Christmas!

    Kenna (Jerry's daughter)