Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Even Keel

Rancho Timberlane Farm is now free of moldy, stinky carpeting. The last bedroom was completed yesterday. The place is still in shambles but a whirlwind of family activity has filled a 20 yard dumpster and now the smell of paint hangs in the air. The basement is also cleared. Too many helpers to thank.
On the health side, my energy is returning and stays on an even keel as long as I graze. If I go too long without a morsel, I hear, "Are you OK, you look yellow/white?" Sleeping several hours at a time during the night which may be the result of the completing my first dose of Prednisone. I was tasked with consuming 100mg daily. After chemo #1, I took a dose in the evening and followed that regiment for 5 days. Unfortunately, that may have been a bad decision so if you are seeking lymphemo tips, take Prednisone early in the day.
We took a quick break last night to see a movie. Typically, we decide based on showtime convenience and we landed in an 8pm showing of "...Benjamin Button". It was a curious yarn with a narrative conducted in a hospital room by the daughter of a woman who lays dying from CANCER. Sense of humor, don't fail me now.
"You never know what's comin' for ya"


  1. Keep on truckin buddy. Thinking about you and the family on a daily basis. Oh, and Happy New Year, may 2009 be a GREAT year for you and gang. I am confident it will be. See you soon. Ronn

  2. Paul
    Hi, this is Laurie Bos, Megan Bos' mom and Jake's owner- we are no longer at the barn, but have been praying and thinking about you- movies are tough to watch- darn cancer is everywhere.
    I hope to get Megan to Timberlane so she can ride with Laurie, she misses seeing all of you- you are in our prayers and thoughts and I check your site every now and then- it is nice to know how you are doing-
    Take care,
    Laurie and Megan Bos