Friday, December 26, 2008

P is for Prednisone and Presents

For those keeping track, I almost forgot the P. I have to take these with juice because the pill dissolves almost immediately at the back of my tongue and my first dose was the consummate "bitter pill". Christmas was great. My folks visited in the late morning for excellent strata that Laurie worked on long after I crashed Xmas Eve. The kids are excited about their newfangled gadgets and I rec'd 8 hats in anticipation of my chrome dome. Ironically, some people don't lose all their hair but something tells me I will be a little disappointed if I don't; gotta be the whole ride, right? I ran out of gas late in the evening after a classic turkey and mashed potatoes dinner with Laur's family. I'm not sure if food just tastes better or Laurie's Dad performed a Christmas miracle because the turkey was amazing. Laurie's brother and nephew were able to make it from Portland, OR despite a "no show" flight attendant so the evening rang out with the peals of joyous children and a spot on acapella rendition of Devo's "Whip It" by master Oliver on his High School Musical 3 wireless FM microphone.

The Miller clan has plans to attack the master bedroom floor today and dispose of the carpet in favor of a surface less likely to collect indoor pollutants. The dumpster arrives this morning.

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