Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now it begins...

(Mom's BDay) I went to my GP on 11/14 because I was experiencing a weird cough since returning from a biz trip to Nashua, NH. I had written it off as a bad cold some fellow traveller transferred to me via the stale air. The GP prescribed an initial course of Azithromyicin (Z-Pak) and a bronchial dilator to see if we could get rid of this "Bronchitis". I felt better a few days into that treatment so I was on the mend. The Friday after Thanksgiving, the cough came back with a vengeance and my father(retired microbiologist) suggested that I might need another round of abx. I called the GP back on Monday (12/1) and asked if they could prescribe a refill or another round. They said they would call it in to the pharmacy. I called the pharmacy hoping to get started as the cough was getting painful and more frequent but nothing was called in. I called the GP back on Tuesday(12/2) and they wanted me to get a chest xray too. I hustled over to their office between calls, confirmed that the abx were called in and received the xray in the same building. Easy.
Yesterday (12/5), I called to ask about the xray assuming that they didn't find anything and that I should just work through the abx course. The GP couldn't see any pneumonia but ordered a CT and a blood draw just in case. I drove downtown to the Lemon Holton Cancer Pavilion for a 2.30 scan session. The technologist asked if I wanted to wait in the building for the results or wait for a call. I figured that they wouldn't get to it until Monday so why wait around. At 4pm I rec'd a call from the GPs office asking if I could come in at 5pm to discuss my CT results.
I was hoping for some pneumonia news but my GP came in the room and as he lowered the blinds said, "I was hoping you would bring your wife". Doh. He said the radiologist described the lymph nodes in my chest as "deeply concerning" and that he felt he was looking at Lymphoma. Ah crap. Now I have to sit through the weekend waiting for a call to schedule a biopsy and then wait to see if the preliminary diagnosis is true.

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