Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bring on the R-CHOP

I had plans to send an update every hour or so but I had a late start. We had a quick meeting with the Onc who helped clarify where I stand. The last CT scan displayed a few enlarged nodes around my intestines so the full diagnosis is high-grade Large Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma - Stage 3.
Although it was a little discouraging to learn that it moved below my diaphragm, I'm still considered a score of 1 on the IPI...if you follow the link don't be so alarmed by the numbers because the disclaimer under it explains the significance of the R (rituximab) in the R-CHOP treatment.
The cancer is aggressive but that actually bodes well for my "cure rate".
This brings me back to treatment. They started the R flowing and 4ccs later, my head was itching like crazy, sweating and my throat felt like it as drying out by the second. Allergic reaction.
They hung a couple of bags of Tagamet and a steroid. 30 minutes later, I was back under control and they started the ritux again and I fell asleep from the allergic shock.
Feeling much better as they increase the dosage by the hour.
Next up, C, H and then O. P(prednisone) is oral so I just swallow some pills for that. piece.
Laurie has been a excellent and welcomed chair side assistant. More soon.


  1. Hi, Paul...hang in there! Boys bailed on me...oh too bad...had a better offer and went sledding w/Keegan. I'll grab them and bring them back here arond 5:00pm or so for dinner. Can return "+1" or keep him overnight. Let me know what works for you.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Wonderful family picture. It has been a long time since we have seen all of you. Talked to Mom last night and she filled me in. Take care and love to all. Linda